Breeze by Boost. Clear Liquid cs/27 Tetra Pak

Nina S. S.
I am caregiver for my 99 yr. young momma. She has metastatic colon cancer and due to age she can not undergo chemotherapy or radiation. We need to be sure we give her quality, nutrient drinks for her daily diet. She loves one of these juices daily and it gives her daily nutrients her oncologist wants her to have. Peach is her favorite flavor and I am happy that this juice, added to her daily use of VHC BOOST, gives her nutrients her body needs. I also thank MD Direct for being helpful concerning any product I buy from them. THANK YOU Gina...

Boost VHC case of 27 8oz Tetra Pak

Nina S. S.
I am caregiver for my 99 yr. young momma who recently had a tumor removed in her colon. She has metastatic colon cancer but is unable to undergo chemotherapy due to hepr age and we have to keep her weight stable. This Boost provides over 500 calories in each drink and when she was given a 1500 calorie intake requirement with her daily diet this helps alot because she does not have a healthy appetite. She loves the Vanilla flavor and prefers them room temperature. This Boost can be added to anyones diet and adds so many other nutrients over the calories that you should at least try it. My mother has tried Ensure but she said Ensure has a medicinal flavor where this Boost does not. Give this VHC BOOST a try. MD Direct will work with you to give you the best buying experience. Thank you, Gina...

Boost VHC case of 27 8oz Tetra Pak

John G.
This is excellent for keeping or putting on weight, Don't drink too much at first as you could either bloat, or have diarrhea at first. It's easy to store just make sure it doesn't heat up, warm room temperature is fine. Tastes Great for me, others might not think so but get over it. If your like me and have a fast metabolism and or trouble keeping or maintaining your weight this stuff if the greatest, I drink 3 a day along with regular 3 squares and no adverse effects.....

Jevity 1.5 cal 8oz cs/24 Tetra Carton

Andrew Potts
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